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Carton Product Labels

Sample Carton Product Label

Congratulations! Your book has been accepted for stock in retailers and distributors such as Barnes & Noble and Baker & Taylor. Your first purchase order arrives and you couldn’t be more excited! However, the shipment requirements are a bit more complex than simply taping up the box.

You find out one of the requirements is to print a carton product label (sample shown above) to place on the outside of your box with barcoding you’ve never seen before. And, when you finally scour the internet for carton label service providers, you find out pricing runs from $12-$20+ for one label! What’s a new author to do?!

We’ve been there and want to help! Since we’ve grown, we’ve invested in our own barcode creation software.

We’ll create a carton label for you in PDF format for just $5.99.

  • Your carton label will be processed and delivered in PDF format to you via email in 1-2 business days.
  • You are free to use this label again and again as long as your future purchase orders require the same quantity.
  • Simply print the label out on your home printer on label paper such as this one from Avery. Attach labels to your box per BISG industry standards or vendor guidelines.
  • For more information on labeling requirements, visit BISG’s Guidelines here.


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