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Consulting Services for Authors

Ribbon Star Press offers consulting services to authors of multiple genres.

Hardcover Children’s Books

While we welcome working with new authors of all genres, we are most often sought out for our knowledge of publishing hardcover children’s books. If you’re a new author investigating self-publishing options, you’ll have realized that many of the most common self-publishing options, such as CreateSpace, offer only paperback options.

Founder of Ribbon Star Press, Lauryn Wendus, published The Adventures of Oliver Poons as a hardcover children’s book after being unsatisfied by this restriction. If you envision your children’s book as a hardcover, don’t give up! Contact us today to discuss your needs.

At Ribbon Star Press, we pride ourselves on being approachable. Whether you want to self-publish and simply need a few pointers or are looking for more comprehensive assistance, we’re happy to help!